I was watching Dr. Phil this afternoon and at the end of the show they sometimes fit in a small story on someone; today it was a lady who has migraines so bad that her family can’t even plan anything. 

I too have migraines. I started getting them in 2007 after my breast cancer diagnosis but the never went away and only got worse!  At around the same time I was getting digestive problems such as bloating, gas, BIG gas, rumbling in my tummy, and I could eat but I would get full very fast! The doctors couldn’t find celiac, IBS, or lactose intolerances. 

In 2013 I had a migraine every.single.day. for about six months. I could feel it start from the inside and knew I had to get 800mg of Advil, and my Ruzatriptan migraine med and go on the bed in the dark and a cold towel for my head. Hours later I usually emerged looking like a bear out of hibernation! and then I’d have “remnants” of the migraine for the day so I had to take it easy. I kept a diary for a few months and found no common denominator, which was quite depressing. 

In August of 2014 I was out of town with my husband and because I also suffered from IBS type symptoms, I tried to plan for the three day hotel stay by bring easy things to store such as salad, apples, peanut butter etc. As we were headed home I realized that I hadn’t suffered with neither a migraine nor IBS symptoms!! Well it turned out that I didn’t have ANY dairy and little gluten foods….. I am sensitive to gluten thus giving me IBS symptoms and migraines BUT DAIRY! that stuff puts me out for the count! Stomach cramps, doubling over, bathroom visits AND migraines!!! 

So I started doing my own research and found the following: 

Our bodies don’t have the enzyme to break down gluten. Most of us can deal with it for life but some of us can’t so we start to display symptoms that matches all other common problems, thus it is hard to single out and a doc may give meds. 

Casein: Thus is in dairy and is typically the culprit not lactose. 

There is a product called Glutenease that I take before I eat anything and it has made a huge difference!! 

I still get migraines but they don’t rule my life!


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Tea Tree Essential Oil

I have been using Young Living Teas Tree Oil for about 6 months now and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin.

I had peeling hands and feet for a few years and thought it was a vitamin defect so I started taking vitamin B12 and it did work for me but I always had breakthrough peeling. After more research, I decided on the Tea Tree and Melrose oils.

I am a Young Living distributor so I have the privilege of having good research tools.

I just wanted to share this 🙂

Exercise, eat right and lose weight!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Shoulda Woulda Coulda.”“all the things I coulda, shoulda and woulda are enormous but boil down to self care. Don’t get me wrong, I do care about myself but I don’t care FOR myself. I grew up having arthritis so I shoulda kept my exercise regular,but it hurt. I coulda done a little at a time, but I made excuses. I woulda kept my weight down but I’m Italian and boy can we eat! but now I’m 51 and all those excuses have caught up with me. Next time, I’ll have to be more in tune with the “FOR ME”

Essential Oils

I started using essential oils when someone recommended I try peppermint for my migraines. I was having daily headaches so, at that point, I would try anything! I massaged it into my temples and laid in bed, lights off for about 2 hours. I wasn’t sure what I thought but it did seem to lessen the severity of my migraine. I tried it again, and again and was hooked!

I am now an “independent distributor” of Young Living Essential Oils. I have found that Lavender is wonderful for skin conditions such as (keratosis pilaris alba). My husband has suffered from this for years and when I signed up for YL oils I started putting it on his back instead of lotion, to start. I am acquainted with homeopathic in the sense that it takes time for some products to produce results; this oil took about 5 weeks to show an improvement on his skin. Also, because he stands all day at his job, I started rubbing his feet with YL Stress Away and he has stated that his feet aren’t as tired and sore.

I am using Thieves in my hand wash to help with germs and I use a diffuser for anything from getting smells out of the air to helping with migraines. Sometimes I just open a bottle and inhale through my nose to help with clearing my head or positive thoughts.

If you have an opportunity to use essential oils I would recommend that they be 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. Make sure and test the oil on your skin as some need a carrier oil (a carrier helps to spread the essential oil).

Many people don’t think that oils can help with migraines, upset stomach, skin conditions, hair, animals, home odors or even in cooking and drinking items. I find the “pattern” with those people are that they typically don’t like to wait for results. In the society we live in today, people want a pill that will fix their problem NOW! But my belief is that if the issue/problem isn’t worked on and understood then it will always be there, coming back and giving problems. There has to be in-depth profiles created, questions like: tell me what the problem is, when did it start, what have you done, where have you gone, what worked and what didn’t? Is there any logs that were kept? Does the weather have any effect on the problem? So, it’s not nor should it be, something that is quick and forgotten. People’s health, including our own, deserve the best that works for THEM. Everyone is different and no one should be forced into having the same care. My pet peeve is when someone says “well I had strep and I got xx antibiotic, I don’t know why they gave you xx, it probably won’t work as well” Some people are allergic to medicines that others are not. Having the same ailment is not indicative of the same medication. That is why sharing medication is NEVER safe! With oils, you have to know the ingredients and if they interact with anything else you are taking. 153764507

I would be happy to help in anyway or provide samples. If you would like to become a wholesale member, I would help you with that as well. The starter kit starts at $75 and you get a diffuser, about 5 samples of popular oils and a bottle of Stress Free and Lemon. They also include a roll-on cap to make one of your favorite bottles into a roll-on! I was pleasantly surprised when I got my box because it seem like most company’s give a travel mug and a welcome sheet! haha..!