Archive | October 19, 2019

Star Pattern

Here is a free star pattern for you! I designed a six point star because the 5 point didn’t appeal my eye..true story!

I posted it on my Instagram, lauriestylecrochet, and I received positive feedback so I figured I’d put in here on my blog.

I don’t blog too much. I think about it A LOT but then the thought passes and it goes undone. I’m going to work at blogging more because I have some great ideas and find some nice free patterns along my readings and I’d love to share!

For today, I would like to leave you with a crochet tip: if you need to add another skein of yarn to your project (not changing colors) because you’re making something large, tie them together by holding the two strands together and tying a knot. Be sure o pull tight and the open the two strands and pull them a little, as well. Then snip the top of,the yarn as close to,the knot as you feel comfortable. Sometimes leaving a small tail helps you to bury it in the stitches.

I know there are many good ways to add yarn but I have found this to be the easiest to hide among the stitches. If you would like a visual here ya go….(I used two colors for the sake of this example).

All contents are for the sole purpose of providing ideas for crochet.