Rediscovering Iced Espresso

I have recently found that I am lactose intolerant. I prefer to say “I can’t have dairy” because people seem to hear lactose intolerant and think milk; however, I can’t have dairy in any form especially butter and anything rich. I thought at first it was the protein casein but I don’t have the symptoms which casein¬†intolerance causes.

So I haven’t had many coffee drinks lately and it’s summer and I crave them! I have an espresso machine and a burr grinder specifically because I always loved them but with the consequences I face from the dairy, I was too scared to put my stomach thru the churning, cramping, highly painful event it causes.

Enter almond milk . . .sweetened vanilla. Beautifully, smooth, sweet almond milk.

Enter Costa Rica coffee bean . . .chocolatey, smooth, mild Costa Rican coffee beans.

Marry them and the love child is THE. BEST. ICED. COFFEE. EVER!

It’s like an iced mocha latte minus the chocolate! No cramps, no pain and no unhappiness.

Try it. You’ll be in love all over again. Enjoy the eye candy!