Dreary Weather 

I’m in Duluth, Minnesota and it’s snowing. It’s cold and foggy. I’m ready to put my P.J.’s on and head to bed! 

Why does this type of weather do this to some of us? I often wonder  why some people have a hard time dragging themselves through the day while others have no adverse effect. Is it the same reason why those of us with arthritis are more painful when it’s cold or cold and wet than those with no arthritis. 

I asked my husband one morning, after he asked me why I was walking bent over, if he had any pain in his body. He answered with “once in awhile my feet hurt from standing at work”. I blinked and stared dumbly…that’s it?!? I have pain everywhere, everyday; yet here I sit in a cold, snowy state KNOWING it is the reason for my pain. 

Maybe someday I’ll retire to an island and then I can say “what pain”??