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I was watching Dr. Phil this afternoon and at the end of the show they sometimes fit in a small story on someone; today it was a lady who has migraines so bad that her family can’t even plan anything. 

I too have migraines. I started getting them in 2007 after my breast cancer diagnosis but the never went away and only got worse!  At around the same time I was getting digestive problems such as bloating, gas, BIG gas, rumbling in my tummy, and I could eat but I would get full very fast! The doctors couldn’t find celiac, IBS, or lactose intolerances. 

In 2013 I had a migraine for about six months. I could feel it start from the inside and knew I had to get 800mg of Advil, and my Ruzatriptan migraine med and go on the bed in the dark and a cold towel for my head. Hours later I usually emerged looking like a bear out of hibernation! and then I’d have “remnants” of the migraine for the day so I had to take it easy. I kept a diary for a few months and found no common denominator, which was quite depressing. 

In August of 2014 I was out of town with my husband and because I also suffered from IBS type symptoms, I tried to plan for the three day hotel stay by bring easy things to store such as salad, apples, peanut butter etc. As we were headed home I realized that I hadn’t suffered with neither a migraine nor IBS symptoms!! Well it turned out that I didn’t have ANY dairy and little gluten foods….. I am sensitive to gluten thus giving me IBS symptoms and migraines BUT DAIRY! that stuff puts me out for the count! Stomach cramps, doubling over, bathroom visits AND migraines!!! 

So I started doing my own research and found the following: 

Our bodies don’t have the enzyme to break down gluten. Most of us can deal with it for life but some of us can’t so we start to display symptoms that matches all other common problems, thus it is hard to single out and a doc may give meds. 

Casein: Thus is in dairy and is typically the culprit not lactose. 

There is a product called Glutenease that I take before I eat anything and it has made a huge difference!! 

I still get migraines but they don’t rule my life!