I “found” a nice board to follow on Pinterest, it’s called Daily Grind and it shows old coffee grinders, a cup with coffee beans on it (my favorite)and some cute coffee sayings. Check it out!

My 22 year old son Benjamin and I went to the local mall because he “discovered” how much he liked mocha at the Holiday gas station where he works – Yes, I said the gas station!! He wanted to go to Barnes and Noble to see if he likes other mochas, so who am I to say no to the question “Hey mom, do you want to go get some coffee?” šŸ™‚ So he got a Venti Mocha at Barnes and Noble which brews Starbucks and I just got a brewed coffee. Ben works nights at Holiday so this was about 10 in the morning.

We walked around the mall for a bit and before leaving he got a small mocha to go. Around 2 he said he thinks the coffee is giving him a headache and that he had the first one around 3:00 am and it started shortly after that. I have heard other people stating they get headaches from Starbucks coffee and if I drink their espressos I do too. So what is behind this headaches from Starbucks coffee, you ask?? I really don’t know. But I am going to research it and will have a follow-up blog!