Garden – Dahlia’s

This is my first year growing Dahlia’s. Man are they beautiful!!! I have orange, yellow and pink flowers.

I also found out that I can keep them over the winter and put them in the ground again next year! What an excellent way to save money 🙂 The problem? Trying to get a straight answer out of someone whether asking in person or on forums or researching. So I again, asked my master gardener friend and she gave me the answer of all answers!!! To winterize Dahlia’s, wait til the first freeze, cut it down to about 6 inches above the ground, with two forks or small shovels carefully get it out of the ground, give it a shake to get the excess dirt off, put it in a planter and store it under the couch (or anywhere where it won’t freeze) on it’s side (so the water can drain out of it).  Then next gardening season, put it in and it should grow again. So I am looking forward to winterizing my Dahlia’s so I can either rejoice in the new growth because I did it right or figure out what I did wrong because doesn’t grow, haha!

I hope this helps all humble gardeners out there! Gardening is a special thing and being able to participate in it is refreshing.


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