Archive | August 18, 2013

Time for Coffee :)

I am from Duluth, MN the land of long goodbyes 🙂 so when my mom had my aunts over for coffee and then afterward would walk them to the door for the 20 minute goodbye, I, at age 6 or so, would drink the leftover coffee..hee hee. Thus started my love of coffee. But not only drinking but researching it . Did you know that the longer coffee brews, the more caffeine there is? And, contrary to popular belief, the roast of the coffee does not determine the amount of caffeine – it just determines the flavor.

A few years ago I was in Minneapolis, MN and went into a Caribou; it was about 4pm. I asked for a large dark roast brewed coffee and the barista said “we don’t brew dark roast after 3pm because most people don’t want the caffeine.” So I, being the coffee diva that I was, said “the roast of the coffee has nothing to do with the amount of caffeine.” She looked at me and said “well the darker the roast the more that caffeine” and I told her that it is the brewing process not the roast. Well she started getting all upset with me so I said, no problem I will go somewhere else :\ Can’t understand to this day why Caribou wouldn’t have trained their barista’s in this.

At any rate, coffee is an antioxidant and good for your skin. If you want it strong don’t use less water, use more coffee; but if you want to make a strong cup to take the place of an espresso (sorry it isn’t expresso) then yes use about 1 cup of water with about 6 tablespoons and then go from there for flavor.

On the subject of espresso, some people think that microwaving the milk is just as good a steaming the milk – NO, it isn’t. Microwaves changes the taste of drinks, in my opinion, so then it wouldn’t taste the same. A good espresso drink is 3 shots of espresso, steamed milk in a 12 – 16 oz cup/mug. My favorite Starbucks drink is: a Venti, 4 shots, steamed milk to only 135-140 degrees (otherwise you can’t drink it and any espresso drink should be ready to drink right after ordering) and I always ask how many pumps of flavor they put in and if it is vanilla they put in 5 pumps and I think their mocha is the same; I ask for 1 pump of each otherwise it is way too sweet and I like the bitterness of coffee.

Any questions? Feel free to ask 😀