Star Pattern

Here is a free star pattern for you! I designed a six point star because the 5 point didn’t appeal my eye..true story!

I posted it on my Instagram, lauriestylecrochet, and I received positive feedback so I figured I’d put in here on my blog.

I don’t blog too much. I think about it A LOT but then the thought passes and it goes undone. I’m going to work at blogging more because I have some great ideas and find some nice free patterns along my readings and I’d love to share!

For today, I would like to leave you with a crochet tip: if you need to add another skein of yarn to your project (not changing colors) because you’re making something large, tie them together by holding the two strands together and tying a knot. Be sure o pull tight and the open the two strands and pull them a little, as well. Then snip the top of,the yarn as close to,the knot as you feel comfortable. Sometimes leaving a small tail helps you to bury it in the stitches.

I know there are many good ways to add yarn but I have found this to be the easiest to hide among the stitches. If you would like a visual here ya go….(I used two colors for the sake of this example).

All contents are for the sole purpose of providing ideas for crochet.




Doily Done

I finished a beautiful doily today. It was created by a sweet lady named Kate from Instagram @katemadeit. It’s a Ferris Wheel doily and it was a very easy pattern to follow but be sure you know most stitches however, she does explain them. I stopped at row 15 because I ran out of yarn haha. But it fits fine where I put it and matches perfectly! It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Granny Square Day 2018

It’s granny square day 2018! I have already posted my square on my Instagram page: lauriestylecrochet.

This was my first year participating and it was quite fun to see all the beautiful crocheted squares. There has been an evolution of the original Granny Square into just squares but even those traditional squares are beautiful because of color choices!

So this is the square I chose to post:

This is the very first square I made so it holds a lot of sentiment for me. It will eventually be made into a blanket along with other patterned squares. It was supposed to be a blanket by now but, man!, I’m always getting distracted by other patterns. What can I say??!

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think of my square.


Crochet Week

Hello, today is Sunday that means it’s CROCHET WEEK!! I do way more crochet during the week than on weekends.

I love being on Instagram because I have met some pretty impressive people who also love to crochet. I am currently in the process of going back to working on a blanket. I just finished a beautiful Lotus and Blossom mandala by @theguywiththehook. He designs his pieces and after getting multiple testers he gives his patterns out for free! So many crochet designers do this. Isn’t that nice? This is my mandala. Enjoy!

Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oil.

Today I’d like to talk about lavender and cedarwood essential oils. I combine these oils to help me fall asleep. I find that it smells good and relaxes me.

I like to do a few drops of each with some coconut oil in a small metered drop bottle – use that up and make more.

I put approximately three drops in the palm of my hand, rub together and then  rub it on my pillow. I have not ruined my pillowcase by doing this. If you don’t want to put it directly on your case, you can put one drop in your palm and, using your finger dip it in the oil and rub it under your nose and behind your ears.

Do you have any experience with lavender and cedarwood?

Thank you for reading.

These statements are the result of my own personal experience only. I am a Young Living Essential Oil distributor.